eLearning Courses

Online courses are the present and the future of learning. Our courses are not only interactive and multiplatform, they are also customizable thus satisfing each customer’s specific needs.


  1. Bespoke courses

    This type of courses is characterized by being highly customizable, starting with design, contentes, interactions, audiovisual elements, non-linearity and ending with the delivery method. We prefer a close contact between EDUdigital and the customers, in order to ensure the high quality and efficiency of the developed material.
    Bespoke courses are intended for organizations that want to give specific, customized and specialized training to its employees, mainly in focus areas of their activity.

  2. Customizable immediate delivery courses

    Pre-developed courses ready for customer delivery, in essencial areas of the training in the company, with customization of the branding and content. The topics of this type of courses are pre-determined, but can be adapted and improved according to each customer's specific needs. The software can be hosted on either EDUdigital or the client's platform.

    The immediate delivery customizable courses are intended for organizations that are looking for affordable, ready to use, and high-quality means to train their employees on key áreas of learning.

  3. Off-the-shelf courses (essentials)

    These are ready to use courses, certified and hosted at EDUdigital's platforms. 100% online courses, ready to buy and use, with possibility of Tutoring. The key characteristics of this courses are quality and the immediate online access codes given to the customer.
    The off-the-shelf courses (essentials) are intended for companies/professionals wanting training in essential themes, with reduced costs and with time or mobility constrains.